The Making of Harry Potter

Hola! Do you remember my previous Europe Road Trip? I told you guys that I was there for almost a month but I only went to the road trip for 12 days. So where did I go after that? Where did I stay?

Well, I have some friends studying there. After I bought the ticket, I let her know that I was visiting and if it was okay to crash at her place. That way I didn’t have to spend more money for my stay. Dah jimat dekat situ. When I reached London, I brought a huge empty luggage with me. Then I left my luggage at her house and went backpacking on my own. When I came back to London from my road trip, that was where I stayed. Thank you Kak Ira & beautiful housemates! Jasamu dikenang. ❤

Tips: If you have someone you know live at the place you’re traveling, pay them a visit! If they are okay to have you there, you don’t have to look and pay for another stay. People living abroad love guests! 


So, I’m a Potterhead (not a crazy one, but a normal one hahah). Since I was in town, I decided to go to the Warner Bro’s Studio. I checked the tickets online and apparently, the studio had visitors limit and there were schedules for entrance. I wanted to go after I came back from my road trip but those dates weren’t available. I had no choice but to go yolo the day after I reached London. Jet lag? Takde hal lah.

Tips: Buy your tickets online. You will need to choose a date and entry time. Please be sure to print your bookings & check your email regularly for confirmation. I had some issues with my tickets at that time but thankfully the people at the studio were so helpful! You may check the ticket price here,

Now, how to get there?


We went there by train. From Paddington to Watford Junction would be about an hour plus journey. We had to switched trains and all. If you’re unsure, you can just go to the ticket counter and tell them you want to go to Harry Potter studio. They will let you know how to get there by train, at which stop you should get on and get off etc. Once you’d reached Watford Junction, walk out and wait for the shuttle bus at the bus stop outside. There will be signs and all, look for it and wait over there. The bus fee would be £2.50 for return journey. It will be crowded, be ready.


You can also look for this sign!

So, the journey would be about 15 minutes or so. Once you reached the studio, this will be your first sight. Time ni dah excited teruk gila over habis tapi kena cover sikit so I pretended to act chill je kakaka.


My dumb dream-comes-true-face.

After we reached the studio, we went to the ticket counter to get our tickets. They would ask for our booking confirmation #. However, upon purchasing the tickets online I didn’t receive the booking confirmation but payment had been made. I still went there though and the girl at the ticket counter was positive and helpful. We then got our tickets and queued up to go in. There would be a security check and to enter the studio, once again we’d need to queue up inside.


Our cool tickets. Hehe

Unfortunately, there was no prayer room for us Muslims. Before we went inside, we asked one of the workers if there was any room or space available for us to pray. It was past Zuhr and by the time we got out it would be Maghrib already. The girl said no but she brought us to her manager. The people at the studio were really kind and thoughtful – They actually helped us to find a space to pray. Sumpah terharu gila. Humanity restored gitu.


There was a guy waiting for us to pray outside. Once we’ve finished our prayers, we queued up to go inside. We brought sandwiches with us but outside food wasn’t allowed inside, so we both finished up our sandwiches masa tengah beratur tu. I was struggling because my sandwich tasted bad, lol.

Pretty sure you guys just want to see the pictures, haha.

Here we go!


The first thing you’ll see is the legendary small closet under the stairs.- Harry’s room


This is The Great Hall. I didn’t take a bigger picture because I was busy taking videos (too busy to compile them, sorry!) But it was HUGE and beautiful! Standing in the hall felt surreal. They displayed the teachers costumes in front, the sorting hat and other things.


Most costumes displayed here were Luna Lovegood’s cute costumes! I also saw the wigs used by the actors, their make ups, products used and Voldemort & Harry’s costumes. So amazed!


The gate of Hogwarts.


Gryffindor’s boys dormitory. Can you guess whose bed this is? 


Gryffindor’s Common Room


Professor Snape’s Potion Class. This reminds me of Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince. Remember when Harry found Snape’s textbook & suddenly became the new favourite student? Wicked!


I always wonder how they film the flying broom scenes. I watched the behind the scenes, they actually set the speed to xx km/h & they’d ask the actors to shift left or right and all. It’s quite mind-blowing.


The Weasley’s Kitchen! Remember when Harry first came to Ron’s house? There was magic everywhere. 


The Ministry of Magic. 


The legendary Hogwarts Express. You can even take a look inside! 


Oops. Mandatory picture. 


So this is how they film the scenes in the train. This was fun too! They let us sit there & experienced the ride ourselves as if we were acting in the movie hehe.


A MUST TRY! For Muslims, you might feel sceptical to try this since there’s a word beer there, but worry not there’s no alcohol in here. It tastes like root beer but better! 🙂


My second Butterbeer. I first had this when I went to Universal Studios Japan! So delicious.


James & Lily Potter’s house. It’s so amazing that they actually had this built for real and it was huge.


Heheh, goblins.


RIP Dobby the cutiepie 😦


Things I never knew, I now know. 


Diagon Alley. Being here made me missed Japan so much because they had these stores built in USJ and sold merchandises there. Expensive merchandises. 


The replica model of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. So much respect to the artists, it was so detailed and extraordinary. 



I think I was in there for around 3 hours or so. It was so amazing. I got to see all the props used, like the Hocruxes, Harry’s brooms, the Goblet of Fire, and so many more. They also let us went into Dumbledore’s Office, it was super cool just like in the movie!!!! And who thought Hagrid’s Hut was actually quite small haha. There were thousands of props and hundreds of pictures to show but these would do I think! 🙂

Honestly, there was nothing much in the studio. It was more of a visit. If you’re a die hard Harry Potter fan it would be really awesome to see the film set, the props used in the movies as well as the costumes etc. I was really amazed. The studio was huuugggee, I was in there for hours. I read everything, touched everything I could and just wandering around reminiscing everything I read in the books and from the movies too.

It’s so disappointing that now it’s all over, I really miss the thrill of waiting for the next movie to be premiered. Lol

Anyway, if you guys are planning to visit UK. Please make sure this place is in your list too okay?

Hope you like this post!

Till next time! x